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Beautiful swimming pools

We offer our pool building service across the South East of England.

Why have a swimming pool?

Swimming is still one of the most popular sports in Britain and is recognized as one of the most healthy forms of exercise. Selecting a pool to suit all the family members can be difficult and it is here that expert advice should be sought and this is where South East Pools Ltd can help. Visit us today and get a free consultation.
Beautiful swimming pool

Above Ground Swimming Pools

South East Pools Ltd supply two types of above ground swimming pools; Metal Framed Pools also known by Doughboy and the NEW Plastica Wooden Framed Pools.

Above Ground Swimming Pools allow almost everyone to have the benefit of a swimming pool in their garden. Above Ground Swimming Pools are easy to install and with prices starting from under £2000, there is an above ground swimming pool to suit everyone's budget.

South East Pools Ltd also offer an above ground pool installation service whether if its just connecting the filtration system or covering the complete build.
If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home with a swimming pool, we can ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Available in a range of designs, our above ground swimming pools are a valuable addition to any home. 
Stylish swimming pool

SolidBric Insulated Pool

SolidBric pool kit system is manufactured from expanded, very dense polystyrene blocks which creates a double layer "thermos" effect energy saving pool.
Strengthened with vertical and horizontal bars and then filled with concrete, it forms the basis for the perfect pool.

Technical information:
Dimension of block: 100cm x 25cm x 30cm (Block can be cut every 25cm)
Thermal rating of block: C,34 Wm²lk
SolidBric features include:

•  Excellent double insulation system saving energy
•  The blocks lock top, bottom and both ends for easy build
•  Very quick construction method reducing labour costs
•  Lightweight for easy manoeuvrability
•  Smooth finish ready for the underlay and liner
•  Can be cut, sealed and repaired easily
•  Shaped pools, Roman ends and steps are easily configured
•  Competitive prices for blocks and kit
Swimming pool constructions
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