Maintenance & Services

Pool maintenance and cleaning

Available in Bexhill-On-Sea, Surrey, Sussex and Kent

Our pool maintenance and cleaning services:

  • New pool builds
  • Pool repairs and refurbishments
  • Spring open ups
  • Winter close downs
  • Hot tub servicing
  • Filter media change
  • Leak detection and repair
Pool maintenance
Planning a pool maintenance? South East Pools Ltd can help. Get in touch with us in Bexhill-On-Sea.

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•  Pool repairs and refurbishments
South East Pools Ltd undertakes all light, medium to heavy swimming pool refurbishment and renovation projects.
Systems are now available on the market to ensure we can transform what has become an aged neglected swimming pool to something that resembles a brand new Oasis within your own living space, and of course produces a finish that will last for years to come.

•  Spring open ups
Our spring opening service includes taking off debris cover, doing necessary work to filtration plant, top up water to the correct water level, test your pool water to see which necessary chemicals are needed to restore your pool back to its normal Ph balance and Chlorine level.

•  Winter close downs
When the swimming season is over you will need to close your pool down (winterising). This involves dropping the water level to stop pipes freezing and skimmers cracking. The necessary work for the filtration during this period will also need attending to. The chemicals are then added to keep the pool clean and control algae through the winter months. When all this is done a debris cover is then put over the pool until the following summer.

•  Hot tub servicing
Spas provide the perfect environment to relax at the end of a hard day, somewhere to unwind and spend quality time with a partner or friends & family, a place where everyday stresses can be left behind. At South East Pools Ltd we offer 4 different spa servicing package to suit you. See our hot tub page for more information.

•  Filter media change
Bad water clarity? Green swimming pool? Bad swimming pool circulation? Swimming pool using excessive chlorine? Any combination of the above problems can more than likely be traced back to the swimming pool sand filter.
South East Pools Ltd recommend swimming pool sand changes every 4 years to ensure the best of water clarity and hygiene within the swimming pool. South East Pools Ltd can give you a total swimming pool filter media change that will be guaranteed to improve your swimming pools water quality.

•  Leak detection and repair
Swimming pool leaking? Swimming pool losing water? Swimming pool needs excessive topping up?
We all know the stress and worry a leaking pool can produce, excessive water consumption, ground settlement caused by leaking water, increased chemical consumption, however many leaks can be identified and remedied very easily. Over 75% of pool leaks are solved within 1 hour! Do not delay, repair you leak today!
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