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Looking to purchase a hot tub?

South East Pools Ltd are your first choice for hot tubs in Bexhill-On-Sea, Surrey, Sussex and Kent

Install a hot tub in your home

South East Pools Ltd in Bexhill-On-Sea provides an array of pool related services, including hot tub installations. From cosy little models for two to spacious models that are suitable for the whole family.
The first step in choosing a hot tub is really to decide how many people you want to be able to fit into it. An average tub will take four to five people and measure 200cm square.

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We also offer spa and hot tub maintenance and repair packages as you can see at the bottom of this page.

Our range of hot tubs include:

  • Cove Spa CROWN II C/W LED from £3999.00
  • Cove Spa Encore LED from £4899.00
  • Cove Spa Impulse from £2999.04
  • Cove Spa Retreat LED from £4200.00
Of course, you may need to adjust your expectations depending on the space you have available. Hot tubs will usually be located on a patio or decking. The electrical supply and square footage available are the only relevant factors to consider here, as there will be no plumbing involved in the installation.

What do you need?

A quality patio base is needed to take the weight, which can be anything up to three tons. If placing it on concrete, this will need to be at least four to six inches thick, and the area needs to be a bit larger than the tub’s base. Decking will have to be structurally reinforced to take the weight of a hot tub.

In terms of actually getting the hot tub to its final resting place, the tub will be delivered pre-fitted to its pad; if there are height restrictions such as low guttering or tight turns, a crane may need to be used in order to get it into place. This may also influence your decision on the size of tub to buy.
Hot tubs are stand-alone and just need a handy water supply like a hosepipe to be filled easily. Hot tubs will come with their own drain valve for hose connection and draining, so using and maintaining this luxurious feature should be relatively simple in any home.
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We offer 4 different spa and hot tub servicing packages:

Gold Package
With our Gold Package, you receive:

• Draining and refilling of the spa
• Replacement of the filter
• Removal and cleaning of all jet inserts
• Cleaning and conditioning of the cover & pillows
• Inspection of the heater and ozonator
• Inspection of all spa wiring
Silver Package
If you are looking for a more basic maintenance package, you might be interested in our Silver Package. It includes:

• Draining and refilling of the spa
• Cleaning of the filter
• Cleaning and conditioning of the cover and pillows
• Inspection of the heater and ozonator
• Inspection of all spa wiring
Winter Close Down Package
With this package, you receive all of the following:

• Draining of the spa
• Removing the pump drain plugs
• Loosening all unions
• Removing the filter and cleaning it for storage 
Spring Open Up Package
This package includes:

• Inspection of all spa mechanicals
• Tightening all unions and fittings
• Reinstalling stored filters
• Filling the spa
• Completion of a leak inspection
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