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Filtration services and products

We have used our expertise and experience to select the best swimming pool pumps and pool filters. These are essential components in every swimming pool installation to ensure you get a crystal clear pool in the Bexhill-On-Sea, Surrey, Sussex and Kent areas.

Keeping pools filtered in Sussex and Kent

Bad water clarity? Green Swimming Pool? Bad Swimming Pool Circulation? Swimming Pool Using excessive chlorine? Any combination of the above problems can more than likely traced back to the swimming pool sand filter.
South East Pools recommend swimming pool sand changes every 4 years to ensure the best of water clarity and hygiene within the swimming pool.
Your swimming pool pump is responsible for circulating your pool water, ensuring that your water treatment chemicals are evenly distributed and preventing stagnation.

Your pool filter also contributes toward the even distribution of pool chemicals. But the filter is primarily required to filter debris and detritus from your pool water, keeping it clean, healthy and usable.
Pool filtration
Are you looking for new filters for your pool?
South East Pools Ltd can help.

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Filter media change services

South East Pools supply 3 types of swimming pool filter media; grade 1 & 2 glass filter media, 16/30 silica sand filter media and diatomaceous earth filter media. We also carry out a filter media change service which is second to none and at a very reasonable price please call for a quote.

    Our filtration change involves

    • Emptying the sand filter of all media
    • Cleaning out the tank
    • Inspecting laterals
    • Inspecting multiport valve
    • Inspecting ‘o’ rings
    • Refilling tank
    • Commissioning the filtration system
    Filtration technology
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